Battery Supply Chain Services

Exponent helps clients with issues of intellectual property, trade secrets, and infringements of battery technology.

Comprehensive product lifecycle support

Exponent offers end-to-end battery supply chain support, including helping clients evaluate potential manufacturer partners and suppliers in key global markets.

How does Exponent's multidisciplinary approach provide unique insights to supply chain challenges related to batteries and energy storage?

All global supply chains face new and evolving challenges, but the inherent risks involved in manufacturing, transporting, and storing batteries and battery components pose special challenges for energy storage technologies. Our clients need supply chain partners who are capable of meeting exacting quality and safety standards and who possess the tools that enable continuous visibility into processes and production.

Exponent offers experienced, end-to-end support services that span the entire battery supply chain. We have extensive on-site experience evaluating manufacturers and suppliers in key global markets and support clients with insights that help them choose the right partners. We also offer independent, solution-oriented technical guidance to vendors on our clients' behalf. We have the resources and capabilities to work on-site or remotely with suppliers and manufacturers to assess all aspects of battery sourcing and performance.

Unique perspective, end-to-end support

Drawing from our deep history in failure analysis, Exponent's energy storage technology experts understand the complete supply chain for all phases of the product lifecycle. We can advise clients at any point on the supply chain journey — from pre-product development to ongoing monitoring.

Across your product lifecycle we help you select and manage crucial battery supply relationships.