Battery Risk Assessments & Corrective Action

An engineer conducts a battery risk assessment. Exponent helps you take corrective action when batteries cause harm or fail to perform.

Multidisciplinary battery performance assessments

Exponent offers expert battery risk assessment and corrective action services, including cost-effective tools for long-term monitoring and tracking of product performance and safety.

How does Exponent's multidisciplinary approach provide breakthrough insights for all types of battery performance challenges? 

The landscape for battery manufacturers and product-makers is changing. While pre-market risk assessments used to be a matter of choice, today they are all but nonnegotiable. Risks of a battery failure increasingly require that companies identify safety issues and implement corrective actions in advance of a battery product reaching market or being integrated into a final application — whether as part of a vehicle, grid storage system, medical device, or consumer product.

Exponent leverages experienced, cross-industry engineering and scientific expertise for pre- and post-market battery risk assessments, providing solutions for every step of design and development. Our work spans companies and batteries of all types, sizes, and scales, with a focus on helping clients embed a "management of change" mindset into their organizations. This means we provide clients with cost-effective tools that enable continuous monitoring and tracking of product safety profiles — and the suppliers who contribute to them — over the long run. 

Objective guidance for unique product journeys 

When our clients begin developing a battery or battery-powered product, they typically follow an established development process that ultimately leads to product commercialization and market entry. However, with quickly evolving technology,  established approaches can sometimes overlook critical technical nuances. Exponent delivers a more demanding approach to battery risk assessment, rooted in 50+ years of failure analysis and product reliability work. In addition to confirming that the product meets established performance specifications, we test how a product might fail when exposed to a variety of misuse or abuse conditions to identify technical concerns, prioritize risks, and provide objective technical guidance on corrective actions.

Battery Risk Assessments Across the Product Lifecycle

From startups to established brands, including proactive assessments and testing as well as post-incident guidance, we offer clients a range of support across the product lifecycle.

Battery Failure Analysis and Investigation

Identification of potential failure modes, their likelihood, and severity. 

electrician using battery tester

Component and system-level analysis.

Batteries & Energy Storage Technology​ [TS]

Integration of failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA) into any phase of a product's lifecycle. 

A person reviews the detailed images of batteries on a computer screen. Exponent conducts detailed battery analysis for safety and performance.

Practical guidance and recommendations that enable efficient and feasible decision-making. 

Battery Safety Recall & Support [EECS]

Responsive/reactive risk assessment and corrective action recommendations.

Electrical & Thermal Performance ​[EECS]

Prioritization prompted by a distinct issue or reported incident in the market.