Battery Intellectual Property & Trade Secrets

Exponent helps clients with issues of intellectual property, trade secrets, and infringements of battery technology.

Better understanding for better decisions

Exponent offers expert technical advice regarding intellectual property and trade secrets related to all aspects of the battery supply chain.

How does Exponent's unique multidisciplinary approach provide you the technical understanding you need for good decisions when it comes to high-stakes intellectual property challenges?

The world of battery technologies is proliferating — and with continued investment in its development, the intellectual property landscape is becoming increasingly competitive and complex. Whether advising on patent filings, trade secrets, or associated litigation, Exponent provides objective, confidential, expert guidance.

Exponent's multidisciplinary engineers and scientists have worked on cutting-edge lithium-ion batteries and manufacturing processes from the technology's inception. While we are not in the business of developing intellectual property or owning patents, Exponent leverages its expertise to advise clients and their legal teams on concerns ranging from whether a patent filing is valid to its precise technical merits and potential uses for new technologies.

As our technical experts have helped evaluate and improve battery manufacturing processes and supply chains around the world, we have deep knowledge in what constitutes best practices versus possible trade secrets  — particularly in the context of formal disputes.

Trusted guidance for complex issues

Exponent's deep expertise in battery technologies enables us to provide expert opinions and advisory services on diverse legal matters. We offer capabilities in intellectual property and trade secrets, with a proven track record of protecting the privacy and security of our clients.

Intellectual property

  • Prior Art Review: Detailed review of proposed battery technologies leveraging Exponent's extensive knowledge of prior art and the development and interplay of all battery cell and pack components over time. We also review published literature to help establish a baseline for prior art.
  • Patent Development & Review: Evaluation of the nuanced language in a battery technology filing or infringement claim. With a cross-industry reputation for upholding the privacy of our clients, Exponent bridges the gap between lawyers, engineers, and other stakeholders to understand whether a patent's details are precisely applicable to the intentions of the product.
  • Battery Technology Review: Comprehensive battery technology and component analysis to identify specific elements that hold potential for a patent filing or may infringe upon an existing one.
  • Expert Witness Testimony: When appropriate, Exponent's engineers and scientists can offer objective expert testimony on the validity of a patent or its infringement.

Trade secrets

Exponent has extensive experience working on high-profile trade secrets, litigation matters, and testifying before regulatory bodies such as the International Trade Commission. Our rigorous internal standards prevent conflicts of interest and ensure strict client confidentiality. Our ability to perform complete battery testing combined with our experience in global manufacturing processes drives knowledge in common practices, best practices, and genuine innovation. Our work in validating trade secrets claims can include:

  • On-site factory assessments
  • Product deconstruction and review
  • State-of-the-art and trends review