Academic Credentials
  • Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, University of Dayton, 2023
  • M.Sc., Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Islamic University of Technology (IUT), 2012
  • B.Sc., Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Islamic University of Technology (IUT), 2010
Professional Honors
  • University of Dayton (UD) PhD Graduate (Research and Teaching) Assistantship Award, 2018-2023
  • Cameroon Government joint OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) Scholarship, 2007-2012
  • Certificate of Recognition for Outstanding Academic Record, 2010
  • Korean Government Scholarship, 2012
Professional Affiliations
  • IEEE (The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)
  • ECS (The Electrochemical Society)
  • ACS (American Chemical Society)
  • NSBE (National Society of Black Engineers)

Dr. Lenin Wung Kum expertise and training is in electrical, electronics and energy storage systems with specialties in next generation lithium-ion batteries for both liquid and all solid-state battery chemistries. His expertise ranges from battery materials processing, battery cell fabrication, performance evaluation and failure testing to applying a wide range of characterization tools/techniques to understand the performance and failure mechanisms. He has strong in-depth experience (experimental, practical and research) in investigating and diagnosing battery degradation mechanisms at the electrochemical, structural and performance fading level.

Dr. Lenin has an extended expertise in battery/cell and material characterization techniques which includes but not limited to, scanning electron microscopy (SEM), transmission electron microscopy (TEM), X-ray diffraction (XRD), Raman spectroscopy, differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS or EDX) spectra and elemental mapping, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS), thermogravimetric-mass spectrometry (TGA-MS), cyclic voltammetry (VC) and photoelectron spectroscopy techniques. He also has hands-on experience in thin film coating.

Before Dr. Lenin Wung Kum jointed exponent, his research work and focus were on improving the electrochemical performance and safety of lithium-ion batteries via cathode surface engineering where he investigated the root cause of lithium-ion battery safety issues, cathode electrolyte interface (CEI) resistance, solid electrolyte interface (SEI) resistive thickness, lithium dendrite growth, cathode material structural damage and transition metal dissolution, and then developed and synthesized novel thin film ceramic materials and coating technique to mitigate their severity. His research work helped to improve the cycle life, rate capability, cathode structural integrity, thermal stability, and safety of lithium-ion batteries, resulting in reduction of interfacial resistance growth and hence voltage polarization effects. Dr. Lenin also has research and experimental experience on alkaline silver oxide zinc (AgO2-Zn) batteries, and the fabrication and characterization of gas sensors