Marian Ponte

Marian Ponte

Managing Scientist
Chemical Regulation & Food Safety
District of Columbia
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Ms. Ponte brings over 30 years in the agrochemical CRO industry supporting pesticide registration. In addition, she has applied her extensive knowledge of environmental fate to support the industrial chemicals, consumer products and pharmaceutical industries in environmental risk assessment. Her areas of expertise include environmental fate, analytical residue, metabolism (soil, plant, animal), metabolite identification, radiolabel (14C, 3H) and stable label (13C, 2H, 15N) techniques, study development, design and management to fulfill the requirements of global regulatory agencies (EPA FIFRA, OECD, PMRA, JMAFF etc.) for product registration. She specializes in compounds with complex and challenging chemistries.

During her CRO tenure, Ms. Ponte was responsible for the financial and operational management of a laboratory with up to 51 employees. She served as subject matter expert for the CRO US agrochemical division for environmental fate and metabolism, including submitting responses to regulatory agencies. Ms. Ponte conducted/managed over 300 studies for agrochemical, industrial and consumer product industries for submission to US and international regulatory agencies.


  • B.Sc., Chemistry, Florida International University, 1989


  • Spanish


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Prior Experience

General Manager, Eurofins Agroscience Services, Hercules, 2018-2021

Senior Scientific Advisor Environmental Fate and Metabolism, EAG/EAS Life Science Division, 2016-2018

Director Environmental Fate, EAG, Hercules, 2012-2016

Associate Director, PTRL West, 2010-2012

Manager, PTRL West, 2001-2010

Senior Research Chemist/ Tech Leader, PTRL West,1997-2001

Senior Research Chemist/Project Coordinator, PTTRL West,1994-1997

Associate Research Chemist, PTRL West,1992-1994

Assistant Research Chemist, PTRL West,1991-1992

Teaching Assistant, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, UC Davis,1989-1990

Research Assistant, UC Davis,1989-1990

Teaching Assistant, Florida International University,1988-1989

Research Assistant, Florida International University,1987-1989

Professional Affiliations

American Chemical Society (1989 – Present)

Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (1997 – present)

Project Experience

Managed multiple projects (E fate, metabolism, residue) for active ingredients conducted at different EU and US sites in support of registration of pesticides in the US and international regulatory agencies

Consulted, designed and oversaw Environmental Fate studies of industrial chemicals and consumer products in support of ECHA decisions for EU registration

Metabolite identification and degradation pathways for labeled 14C studies (metabolism and environmental fate)

Analytical chemistry expertise and method development for labeled and unlabeled compounds on different HPLC platforms (chiral separations, ion chromatography, reverse phase and normal phase, etc.) and other analytical instrumentation to support conduct of guideline studies

Expertise in the conduct and design of E Fate soil study requirements (aerobic soil metabolism, column leaching, adsorption/desorption) for Brazilian registration. Published a white paper on Brazilian soil requirements for Brazilian pesticide registration.

Expertise in designing innovative approaches for challenging one-of-a-kind studies that do not conform to specific guidelines

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  • B.Sc., Chemistry, Florida International University, 1989


  • Spanish