Dr. R. Thomas Long Awarded NFPA Foundation Medal

April 28, 2017

Dr. Thomas Long, Jr. was awarded the 2017 NFPA Foundation Medal for our Fire Protection Research Foundation report "Hazard Assessment of Lithium-Ion Battery Energy Storage Systems." The award will be presented during the NFPA Multi-Section Reception on Saturday, June 3, 2017.

The Foundation Medal recognizes the Foundation project completed in the prior year that best exemplifies the Foundation's fire safety mission, technical challenges overcome, and collaborative approach to execution that is the hallmark of all Foundation projects. The award does not have to be made but a review process takes place.

Mr. Long is a Corporate Vice President in charge of the domestic Exponent offices and a Principal Engineer in Exponent's Thermal Sciences practice. He applies fire protection engineering principles to the analysis of active and passive building fire protection and life safety systems, material fire performance, ignition of liquid, gaseous, and solid fuels, flame spread, and fire modeling. He specializes in the prevention, engineering and causative analysis, and origin and cause investigation of fires, explosions, and other thermal events.

This is the second time that Exponent has won this award. The first was for our Electric Vehicle work in 2014.