Career Path
Exponent offers a challenging environment for highly qualified and motivated individuals to develop their technical expertise and business acumen. We are looking for experienced professionals and new graduates to become the future Principals of Exponent. The information below outlines our consulting career path and demonstrates how you can establish and develop your future career at Exponent.

Succeeding at Exponent

We are looking for experienced professionals and new graduates to become the future Principals of Exponent.  At each phase of your career at Exponent you will build on the skills you've gained through your academic training and business experience.  Here are some of the tools and responsibilities that successful consultants demonstrate as they move through our career path.

Exponent Success


Most new graduates who have obtained their Masters or Doctorate degree will start in this position. Immediately you will be challenged to work both independently and in a team environment on a variety of projects. You will play an important role in applying your technical knowledge, creativity, and innovation to projects within your area of expertise. As you grow in this position, opportunities will emerge to manage projects and meet with clients. You will begin to advance your professional status within the industry by contributing to publications and working towards professional licenses and registrations.

Senior Engineer/Scientist

Once an individual has become a recognized technical contributor and has developed project management skills, they advance to the role of Senior Engineer/Scientist. Our Senior Engineers and Scientists expand their technical capabilities to provide support on a broader range of projects. Examples may include resolving a client's problem, conducting field inspections, or leading a multidisciplinary project team. At this level, you will have direct client interaction and will help maintain and grow Exponent's client relationships. You will continue to publish and become more involved in professional organizations.

Managing Engineer/Scientist

Our Managing Engineers and Scientists have significant project and client management responsibilities, and they often manage junior staff. Their increased understanding of our internal multidisciplinary capabilities helps them to maintain client relationships, direct projects, and develop new business opportunities for the firm. This is accomplished by maintaining a high level of individual productivity, while also contributing to the overall success of their office and practice. At this level, you will strategically manage projects and teams to provide results to clients on time and within budget. You are further developing your resume by ascending to leadership roles in professional organizations.

Senior Managing Engineer/Scientist

Our Senior Managing Engineers and Scientists are viewed as key consultants with broad business and technical knowledge. At this level, you have become an established consultant in one or more technical areas. You are able to manage multiple projects and clients, motivate and lead staff, and develop business for both yourself and other staff members. You understand and market yourself and Exponent cross-functionally to procure new business. You have an extensive publication record and serve in scientific advisory roles within industry. You are seen as a key mentor and leader within the organization and contribute to the growth of other staff members and your practice.

Principal Engineer/Scientist

Exponent's Principals are the most significant contributors to the overall growth and development of the firm. They are recognized technical authorities in their industries and have a great understanding of Exponent's key clients and multidisciplinary capability. You continue to technically contribute to projects, while helping other staff members transition into significant client and project management roles as well. You will identify and lead initiatives to expand our capabilities into new technical areas and keep Exponent engaged with the emerging needs of our existing clients. Our Principals develop strategic growth plans and are instrumental in recruiting new staff to the firm.