How to Keep Your Wearable from Going in the Drawer

Exponent Live in partnership with the Sports & Fitness Industry Association

December 9, 2021

Join Exponent and get tips on designing wearables that "fit" user lifestyles

Wearables are meant to be worn, so why do so many devices end up in the drawer, forgotten and unused? Understanding the complete user experience — and why so many wearables fall short of consumer expectations — requires considering everything from fit and body morphology, to how users receive, understand, and act on data.

Don't miss this webinar, "How to Keep Your Wearable from Going in the Drawer," where Exponent biomechanical and human factors experts discuss designing that helps ensure your wearables stay out of the drawer.

What you'll learn:

  • What to consider for planning and designing wearable devices
  • How to help users obtain the best results for comfortable, long-term wearable devices that supports lifestyle and performance goals

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