Academic Credentials
  • B.Sc., Agriculture, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, 1987
Professional Honors
  • BASIS, 1990

Mr. Daly has extensive regulatory experience with plant protection products working for CRD (the UK regulatory authority for pesticides) for 18 years, and practical experience of agronomy, pesticide sales and application. He has a comprehensive working knowledge of EU regulatory evaluation procedures and assessment methods, including relevant guidelines and EU Regulations for the efficacy aspects of both existing and new active substances. An expert on minor uses, he has represented the UK in EU meetings and given training and advice on pesticide legislation to various EU accession countries.

Mr. Daly's role within Exponent is mainly focused around the writing of Biological Assessment Dossiers and the production of efficacy sections for draft Registration Reports, to support new and existing product registrations, for clients to submit to EU regulatory authorities. In addition to this Mr. Daly provides agronomic and regulatory advice both internally and to clients, advice regarding the setting up of efficacy trial programmes, the monitoring of efficacy trials, providing efficacy data gap analyses, problem solving relating to efficacy and comparative risk assessments.