Efficacy & Biological Assessment Dossiers

Plant Science & Pathology 

Evaluate and document plant protection product performance

Gathering appropriate data to support the EU Biological Assessment Dossier requirement for plant protection product performance and efficacy requires an independent third-party evaluation. Exponent's Efficacy team has extensive experience in the testing and evaluation of all types of plant protection and biocides at the global, European, and national levels.

Integrated, global approach to regulatory compliance.

Exponent's EU Efficacy team has vast, practical experience working with a variety of plant pesticides, including biopesticides, fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, and plant growth regulators, as well as biocides, including disinfectants, preservatives, insecticides, rodenticides, anti-fouling, and molluscicides. Our Efficacy team has many years of experience in writing and finalizing EU regulatory dossiers, working in expert external and internal client groups, coordinating and satisfying efficacy data requirements, and producing guidance documents.

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