Academic Credentials
  • M.Sc., Insect Research, Agrobiology Department of CSIC, Spain, 1997
  • B.Sc., Biological Sciences, University of Barcelona, Spain, 1995
  • Catalan
  • Spanish

Ms. Perendreu-Mata has a background in Biological Sciences specialized in Biocidal Product efficacy; mainly insecticides and insect repellents but her experience also covers disinfectants and all biocidal Product Types. She has more than 27 years of experience in Biological Sciences and more than 20 years working as an Efficacy Specialist, first as a Head of the Efficacy field within the international R&D team of a well-known consumer goods company and after that as a Regulatory Consultant.

Ms. Perendreu-Mata has extensive efficacy experience with Biocides, mainly Insecticides and Insect Repellents, gained whilst working within the international R&D team of a well-known consumer goods company, being a leader or co-leader for projects in most of the European countries as well as in Malaysia, India and Russia. For 7 years she was Head of the R&D for the fields of efficacy and biology, gaining considerable experience of managing efficacy testing and insect rearing, conducting different types of bioassays, creating and validating new testing methodologies, outsourcing tests to other international laboratories and strategic planning. She was Technical Director for efficacy studies and writing biological dossiers submitted to the authorities in Europe and Malaysia for the registration of new insecticide household products. In addition, her previous role focused on product registration, liaising with regulatory authorities, as well as creating new business opportunities or extending marketing opportunities for products whilst ensuring that efficacy is correctly perceived by consumers.

Ms. Perendreu-Mata was formerly a member of the international team (government agencies and private companies in the sector) that developed the Technical Notes for Guidance (CA-Sept10-Doc.6.2b) for PT 18 (Insecticides, acaricides and products to control arthropods), and PT 19 (Repellents and attractants) for European Union efficacy data generation, under the framework of the Biocidal Products Directive 98/8/EC (now Biocidal Products Regulations (EU) 528/2012). She also was involved in developing the PT19 efficacy guidance for the Biocidal Products Regulation (EU) No 528/2012 published in November 2022. She has also attended international conferences and workshops, creating an extensive network of insect/insecticide specialists, including collaborations with universities and independent international specialists, as well as doing several Biocides efficacy training courses from EU regulatory point of view.

Ms. Perendreu-Mata's role in Exponent is dual as senior efficacy specialist and as regulatory project manager for Biocides. She advises on the efficacy requirements for biocides and to prepare regulatory dossiers with respect to efficacy under the framework of the new Biocidal Products Regulations (BPR). She provides guidance for clients on the interpretation of EU and National efficacy data requirements (including expert guidance on the type and amount of efficacy data required to fulfill the data requirements), for national rules submissions, new active substances, mutual recognition applications and national re-registrations under the EU Biocide Products Directive. She has undertaken data gap analyses of clients existing efficacy data sets, providing guidance as to the type, quality and quantity of efficacy data required to fulfill the necessary data requirements for biocide products, and providing recommendations on suitable testing facilities to conduct such tests. She has written tiered summary documents for the efficacy sections of biocide active substance and biocide product submissions (including data waivers where necessary) in IUCLID. In addition, she designs efficacy studies and provides expert comment on clients existing efficacy studies to fulfill data requirements for biocide products and provide guidance as to the placing of efficacy tests within the EU, which best fit the client's needs for biocide products. Moreover, she has experience in assisting client for Biocidal Product Families.

She has delivered several biocides efficacy training for companies with different types of audience (Regulatory, R&D or Marketing teams) regarding different aspects of the Efficacy instance. General Efficacy overview, Disinfectants and antiseptics PT1-5, BPR Dossier Requirements and EN test methodology, Insect behaviour, Insecticides Laboratory, PT18-PT19 Dossier and Insecticides Delivery Systems.