Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention

Oxford University Press

January 25, 2018

Dr. Ellen Chang, Senior Managing Scientist in Exponent's Health Sciences practice, is an author of two chapters in the newly published fourth edition of Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention, the most authoritative and comprehensive current text on cancer incidence, mortality, survival trends, and known and suspected causes of cancer.

Dr. Chang is the first author of the chapter on nasopharyngeal cancer (co-authored with Dr. Allan Hildesheim of the National Cancer Institute) and the second author of the chapter on Hodgkin lymphoma (co-authored with Dr. Henrik Hjalgrim of the Danish Statens Serum Institute and Dr. Sally Glaser of the Cancer Prevention Institute of California). The book is edited by Dr. Michael Thun of the American Cancer Society, Dr. Martha Linet of the National Cancer Institute, Dr. James Cerhan of the Mayo Clinic, Dr. Christopher Haiman of the University of Southern California, and Dr. David Schottenfeld of the University of Michigan.

Since the release of the first edition of Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention in 1982, this book has been an essential reference in the field of cancer epidemiology and prevention, including chapters written by leading experts in epidemiology from around the world. The book is available from Oxford University Press here.