Dr. Ronald Latanision Receives the 2015 Lee Hsun Lecture Award

April 21, 2015

Dr. Ronald M. Latanision received the 2015 Lee Hsun Lecture Award of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The Lee Hsun Lecture Award honors outside scientists who have significant impact and made great contribution to the field of materials science and engineering both at home and abroad. It is aiming at continuously and regularly encouraging scientists with great influence on materials science and engineering to visit IMR to accomplish academic communication and cooperation, promoting the establishment of new subject areas, etc.

Dr. Latanision received the award at the Institute of Metal Research in Shenyang, China. During his visit to China, he gave a series of lectures including Managing Nuclear Waste and Corrosion Science and Corrosion Engineering and New Technologies. Dr. Latanision also accepted an appointment as an Adjunct Professor in the Key Laboratory of Nuclear Materials and Safety Assessment of the Institute of Metal Research.

Dr. Latanision's research interests are focused largely in the areas of materials processing and in the corrosion of metals and other materials in aqueous (ambient as well as high temperature and pressure) environments. He specializes in corrosion science and engineering with particular emphasis on materials selection for contemporary and advanced engineering systems and in failure analysis.