Exponent Scientist Appointed Coordinator for Industry Working Group through International Council on Large Electric Systems

June 28, 2017

Dr. Katherine Palmquist has convened an industry working group through the International Council on Large Electric Systems (CIGRE) titled "Interactions between Wildlife and Emerging Renewable Energy Sources and associated Insulated Cables."

The objective of the working group is to:

  • Gather knowledge and best practices about interactions of wildlife with renewable projects and the submarine and underground cables that connect them to the power grid. 
  • Gain a better understanding of these interactions, the working group will pool the results of some scientific studies and will compile experiences from different TSOs.
  • Conduct an analysis to identify the main drivers regarding TSO´s interest on this issue.
  • Assess methods for monitoring and analyzing wildlife incidents and identify areas of uncertainty and knowledge gaps.
  • Identify potential mitigation methodologies utilized by different TSOs and compared in terms of efficiency. Areas of uncertainty and knowledge gaps will also be identified
  • Analyze existing studies, projects, solutions, but will not conduct R&D studies or experiments.
  • Explore the existing partnerships with scientists, local authorities or Environmental Protection Associations to progress on this issue. Cooperation with existing agencies, such as The Renewable Grid Initiative, will also be pursued. Communication tools could be developed to spread a common level of information.

The initial working group meeting will be convened September 2017 at the annual CIGRE meeting in Seoul, South Korea. Final reports, guidelines and tutorials are expected to be completed and disseminated by May 2020.