An Open Letter from our CEO to the Exponent Team

October 6, 2020

The senseless violence against the black community and the ensuing events of recent weeks have challenged all of us in unique ways, both professionally and personally. The scourge of ongoing, systemic racism has been laid bare before us, and we are uncomfortable, struggling to respond. We want to be part of the solution, yet the obstacles are daunting. How can we, the Exponent community, truly effect change? How can we move from shock to humble acknowledgment, to concrete action?

In reflecting on this challenge, I am drawn to Exponent's vision and core values: the principles that serve as our company's center of gravity. Our vision — to engage the brightest scientists and engineers to empower clients with solutions for a safe, healthy, sustainable and technologically complex world — cannot be realized until our society fully values all of its members. How can we hope to engage the brightest scientists and engineers when so many of the brightest minds in our communities face nearly insurmountable obstacles with respect to educational opportunity? Our core values also call us to deeper action in these times. How can we insist on honesty, integrity, trust and respect for the individual, and be committed to lifelong learning and renewal, and not act to effect change?

Now more than ever, Exponent is called to come together as an inclusive community. To facilitate this, I am pleased to announce that the firm will be matching up to $50,000 of individual employee donations to charitable organizations focused on diversity, equity and inclusion, through June 30, 2020. Consistent with our aspirational vision that relies upon scientific and engineering education for its very foundation, our matching funds will be donated to the United Negro College Fund STEM Scholars Program:

Please join us as we harness the power of our team to act against injustice by empowering African-American students, and stay tuned for communications about further actions we will be taking.

Yours in solidarity,

Catherine Ford Corrigan, Ph.D.

President & CEO