PHMSA Pipeline Safety Research and Development Forum

November 15, 2016

Exponent's engineers will be in attendance at the PHMSA Pipeline Safety Research and Development Forum on November 16 through November 17, 2016. The forum will be held in Cleveland, Ohio.

Attendees will take part in a timely discussion regarding the various challenges associated with pipeline safety and with protecting the environment. The meeting will allow for attendees to develop a consensus on the gaps and challenges for future research. The national research agenda that comes out of this event is to align the needs of the pipeline safety mission, inform the public of the best available knowledge and expertise and to consider the public's feedback. For more information, please visit the meeting website.

Exponent continues to be actively monitoring the ongoing regulatory changes proposed by PHMSA. We offer a broad range of expertise in pipeline integrity management with insight gained from having worked on numerous pipeline failures over the years. We continue to work with clients to successfully develop quality programs in compliance with various industry standards and regulations. Exponent has worked closely with clients to rapidly respond to corrective action requests issued by regulatory agencies, including PHMSA.