Human Body Scanning & Morphometry for Comfort and Performance Studies


Incorporating body morphology data into your product design

Integrated comfort and performance assessments help designers and engineers optimize product appeal, which is especially important for wearable technologies as well as apparel and shoes. Exponent integrates high-resolution, high-fidelity scanning technologies with feature detection algorithms to characterize a broad range of morphologic factors.

Extracting valuable insights from comfort and performance assessment studies

Integrating explicit body scanning and body morphology measurements into research efforts helps manufacturers target key dimensions and features to consider in product design, enabling a more individualized user experience. Exponent's goal is to couple the product closely with the user's body, optimizing product appeal and improving fit and comfort.

Providing valuable insights for product design and development, Exponent's novel research approach leverages UX; usability; integrating individual variations, which may influence contact points; pressure distribution; and magnitudes. At our cutting-edge testing facilities, we quantify a variety of individual-specific morphologic parameters, correlating them with critical product comfort and performance metrics to improve user experience.

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