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Occupational & Population Exposure Cohort Studies

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Whether examining air pollution, chemicals, hazardous biological agents, or psychosocial and organizational factors, Exponent supports study design, data collection, and analysis of the links between occupational and population exposures and health outcomes, helping clients to protect the well-being of workforces and communities through retrospective and prospective cohort studies.

How can Exponent's cohort studies add value to your organization?

Cohort studies can be powerful tools for measuring exposure and health effects over time in both population-wide and occupational cohorts. Such studies can examine rare exposures, multiple exposures, and multiple potential effects of exposures, allowing for a better understanding of temporality and more accurate calculation of risk. Cohort studies can also help your organization:

  • Provide data to inform regulations and exposure limits
  • Improve public health
  • Build better relationships with communities
  • Offer health safeguards
  • Understand issues driving disputes in litigation or insurance claims

For companies, cohort studies examining worker safety and health can help improve operational processes and product stewardship, adding business value. Without the right experience and expertise, however, cohort studies can be time consuming, expensive, and prone to bias from a variety of factors, including missing data, loss to follow-up, exposure misclassification, and selection bias.

Leveraging experience and expertise across disciplines, Exponent's team has streamlined processes and protocols to perform these studies efficiently across all study stages, including cohort identification, data collection, data analysis, and reporting. Our knowledge and training in conducting human research, data privacy and security, and confidentiality help ensure applicable regulations and guidelines are met and research is conducted according to ethical standards. Our specialized methodologies help mitigate challenges, like bias, confounding factors, and the impact of the healthy worker effect, to provide reliable, high-quality analysis that can support evidence-based decision-making.


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Exponent performs time- and cost-efficient cohort studies to give you the data-driven insights you need.

Our Capabilities Are Unparalleled

Our multidisciplinary approach to cohort studies combines experts from several specialties  — including epidemiologists, exposure assessment professionals, biostatisticians, data scientists, and public health experts  — who are experienced in database design and sophisticated analysis techniques.