International Arbitration

Gas Pipe Manufacturer vs. Steel Supplier

Gas pipeline transport

Providing Insight for ICC Rules Arbitration

A gas pipe manufacturer filed a claim against a steel supplier and called on Exponent to assess the root cause and likely impact of defects in a pipeline's plate material.

The Challenge

A manufacturer contracted with a steel supplier for plate material for constructing a major transnational natural gas pipeline. 

During pipe fabrication, the manufacturer noticed defects in the plate material, and a dispute arose between the two parties as to the root cause of the defects.

Claims were submitted to arbitration by a three-member tribunal under International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) rules.

The Exponent Approach

The pipe manufacturer's outside counsel retained Exponent to assess the root cause of defects in the plate material and determine whether those defects would render the plate unfit for its intended purpose. Exponent's team testified at the arbitration hearing.