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Managing a Multimillion-Dollar Public Infrastructure Project

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Keeping a complex, high-profile construction job on time and on budget

A long-time client of Exponent's embarked on a multimillion-dollar construction project in partnership with a public transportation agency, requiring oversight of hundreds of vendors and workers. From managing upgrades to existing infrastructure and construction of new facilities to providing expertise and guidance on the electrical engineering aspects of the project, Exponent helped keep everything moving forward — quickly, safely, and within budget.

The Challenge

Considering the size and scale of this project — spanning multiple years and beginning in a single market with the potential to extend into new ones — Exponent's client, a large public entity serving millions of customers, required expertise in large-scale project management and day-to-day operations for a massive, complex transportation undertaking.

Exponent was engaged to provide consistent, long-term, hands-on project and construction advisory support, including overseeing multimillion-dollar vendor and subcontractor contracts and offering technical expertise on the design of electrical components. Exponent was the eyes and ears for our client to ensure the project ran smoothly and stayed within the designated timeframe and proposed budget so they could continue focusing on their own extensive daily business.

EXPONENT's Multidisciplinary Solution

Developed over several years, Exponent's strong working relationship and detailed knowledge of the clients' internal processes made us the natural choice for providing construction management support for this large-scale project. However, as challenges surfaced with critical electrical engineering aspects of the promised public transportation infrastructure, our role expanded into seamlessly integrating our trusted engineering and scientific expertise as well. 

Exponent's Impact

This project is nearing completion, and due to the diligent work of hundreds of employees and contractors, our client has successfully completed interconnecting with the public transportation agency. Exponent's expertise provided exceptional project management for this large-scale, complex construction operation, making it possible for our client to focus on their customers and accomplish key improvements to the speed and sustainability of the local transportation infrastructure while we kept the project running smoothly.