Debugging Pesticide Device Regulatory Challenges: How to Choose the Right Testing to Support Antimicrobial Claims

Exponent Presents at the 14th Antimicrobial Workshop in Arlington, Virginia

June 7 - 8, 2023
Microscopic view. Exponent regulatory support  for biocides and antimicrobials.

When developing new pesticide devices for the U.S. market, manufacturers need to verify their antimicrobial claims while ensuring public health and safety. But without clear guidelines in place, how do you know the right antimicrobial product testing to support device claims and meet regulatory requirements?

Exponent Chemical Regulation & Food Safety Senior Managing Scientist Diane Boesenberg will address pesticide device and regulatory challenges in her presentation at this year's Antimicrobial Workshop. Don't miss her talk (more details below) or the chance to connect with Exponent Chemical Regulation & Food Safety Senior Scientist Madeleine Bee, Ph.D.

Antimicrobials [CRFS]

"Antimicrobial Devices: Determination and Development of Efficacy Method"


This presentation will highlight the difficulties companies face in determining the right testing to support antimicrobial claims when selling pesticide devices in the U.S. Currently, few guidelines exist to help companies navigate this regulatory pathway while keeping public health in mind. 

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A leading event for antimicrobial pesticides policy, technical, and regulatory updates, the two-day Antimicrobial Workshop is not to be missed to ensure compliance and stay ahead in the highly regulated pesticide industry. Organizers include the American Chemistry Council Center for Biocide Chemistries, the Household & Commercial Products Association, the International Sanitary Supply Association, and the EPA Antimicrobials Division.


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