Academic Credentials
  • B.Sc., Agricultural Zoology, University of Leeds, UK, 1990
Professional Affiliations
  • Chartered Biologist with the Royal Society of Biology

A regulatory professional with over 25 years' experience gained in industry and consultancy, Mrs. Lockyer specialises in the regulation of plant protection products in Europe. As an experienced project manager, she leads and co-ordinates multidisciplinary projects for clients within the plant protection industry. 

Mrs. Lockyer has experience working with originators, formulators, regulators, trade associations and task force organisations; providing strategic regulatory advice and support required to achieve her clients' goals. She is experienced in areas including EU active substance renewals, zonal authorisations and product re-authorisations; literature reviews, active substance data matching, product data gap analyses and the transport of dangerous goods.

Along with her current plant protection work at Exponent, Mrs. Lockyer has a wide breadth of experience, including ensuring the regulatory compliance for numerous product categories; such as rodenticides, insecticides, industrial and remedial timber preservatives, antimicrobials, general chemicals and cosmetics at the national, EU and worldwide level. She has provided strategic regulatory advice to facilitate the execution of commercial, manufacturing and technical decisions. She has also dealt with product related incidents and emergencies; seeking resolution through communicating effectively with the public, emergency services and company experts.