Academic Credentials
  • B.Sc., Zoology and Ecology, Victoria University of Wellington, NZ, 1997

Mr. Thomson is a Regulatory Project Manager with over 12 years of regulatory experience with plant protection products. Brian worked for the UK regulatory authority for pesticides, Chemicals Regulation Directorate (CRD) and has a comprehensive understanding of EU Regulatory processes and significant experience of the zonal approach to product registration. 

Whilst with CRD, Mr. Thomson helped deliver training to the Member States authorities and related institutes. He specializes in EU registration support at all stages of the life cycle for both active ingredients and products. He helps clients to respond promptly in urgent situations, to comply with relevant regulations and with long-term regulatory strategy.

Mr. Thomson also has extensive experience gained over 10 years in pest animal control operations having worked on both the offshore islands and mainland of New Zealand to control populations of pest mammals. He worked on significant ground based and aerial operations for the control of brushtail possums. He has considerable experience of compliance with regulations relating to the storage and use of vertebrate control agents. He has planned field trials to test the efficacy of new and improved vertebrate toxins and investigated the control of brushtail possums by means of immuno-contraceptives and reproductive toxins.

Mr. Thomson has also worked as a New Zealand Government Fisheries Observer monitoring compliance with New Zealand's fisheries legislation.