Academic Credentials
  • M.Sc., Clinical Chemistry, University of the West of England, UK, 2011
  • B.S., Medical Biochemistry, University of Birmingham, UK, 2010
Professional Affiliations
  • British Toxicology Society (BTS)
  • Royal Society of Biology (RSB)

Mrs. Pottle is an experienced regulatory toxicologist, who has worked in industry for 9 years directing general, juvenile, reproductive and developmental toxicity studies in a wide range of mammalian models. These studies covered numerous substances including pharmaceuticals, biologicals, agrochemicals, biocides and industrial chemicals. From her extensive experience in a contract research environment, she is able to utilize her expansive technical knowledge to conduct in-depth reviews of a wide range of data spanning multiple studies and guideline requirements as well as good practice requirements for monitoring laboratory-based studies.

While she has experience over a wide range of disciplines, Mrs. Pottle is particularly experienced in reproductive and developmental toxicology, directing studies including multi-generational, fertility and developmental toxicity studies. She is also developing her existing knowledge of in vitro studies and in silico methods such as QSAR, to allow further ability to cover a full range of knowledge requirements for a substance undergoing submission.

She is secretary of the education, training and career development subcommittee of the British Toxicology Society, and a member of the Royal Society of Biology. She also acts as a STEM ambassador and a member of the school speaker program for Understanding Animal Research.