Academic Credentials
  • M.Phil., Biological Sciences, Exeter University, 2007
  • B.Sc., Applied Biology, Liverpool John Moores University, 1996

Mr. Vaughan has extensive experience as an Ecotoxicologist and Environmental Risk Assessor working across various industry sectors in the UK. This includes 20 plus years working as a Study Director in Good Laboratory Practice accredited Ecotoxicology laboratories and Contract Research Organisations, working with a wide variety of animal species. 

Experienced in working within regulatory testing areas of Home & Personal care/Industrial Chemicals, Pharmaceutical and Agrochemical industries, Mr. Vaughan has recent experience in compiling and presenting Agrochemical active substance submissions/renewals and Article 43 product dossiers for Regulatory submission (Regulation (EC) 1107/2009), including the development of risk assessments and documented positions in support of submissions both in the EU and globally.

Mr. Vaughan routinely keeps abreast of new developments in ecotoxicology and has specific interests/expertise in the fields of Endocrine Disruption, higher tier aquatic testing, animal alternatives and bioaccumulation (PBT). Mr. Vaughan participated on the Expert Working group to revise the OECD 305 test guideline (Bioaccumulation in Fish) and subsequent OECD 305 guidance document. He has also contributed to the revision of other OECD test guidelines such as the OECD 203 Acute Fish Test and acted on the Business Liaison Team monitoring the CEFIC LRi ECO20 Project — Development of an Alternative Testing Strategy for the Fish Early Life Stage Test for Predicting Chronic Toxicity. Mr. Vaughan has a wide network of contacts within Ecotoxicology and Regulatory areas.