Academic Credentials
  • Master of Chemistry, Chemistry, University of York, UK, 2014
Professional Affiliations
  • Chartered Chemist, The Royal Society of Chemistry (CChem) 2020
  • Member, The Royal Society of Chemistry (MRSC)

Mr. Taylor holds a MChem in Chemistry from the University of York where his studies culminated in research into the spin trapping of gaseous free radicals. He has since developed his professional expertise as a chemist working on atmosphere control and monitoring. 

This included conducting laboratory investigations into emergent issues for submarine enclosed environments, researching new solutions for on-going requirements and computer modelling of submarine atmospheres to validate equipment and predict trends. He also has experience in conducting toxicity trials for atmospheric contaminants and metals in the exhaust plumes of weaponry to determine levels of exposure.

Mr. Taylor is now working in the chemical regulation and food safety practice, as a residue and consumer risk specialist. Mr Taylor prepares pesticide product and active dossiers for national, EU and global (JMPR) submissions.