2017 Advance Product Safety Management Certificate Course

September 25, 2017

Mr. Gene Rider, Principal in Exponent's Mechanical Engineering practice, will be an instructor for the 2017 Advance Product Safety Management Certificate Course, September 25-29, 2017 in St. Louis, Missouri. Mr. Rider will teach a session entitled, "Global Transition in Risk Assessment."

The Certificate in Advance Product Safety Management (CAPSM) is a week-long executive style leadership training experience offered to enhance the skills and knowledge of best practices for product safety managers. The theme for the 2017 course is "Product Safety in Transition." Topics include product safety under new political leadership; new tools and resources in risk assessment practices; responding to transitions in regulatory policies and programs; case studies in standards, markets, and technologies; social advocacy transitions in techniques and social media, and more. The course instructor panel features well-known authorities in their disciplines including risk assessment, engineering, compliance and regulatory law, hazard identification and reduction, quality control, human factors and ergonomics, toxicology, chemicals, science and technology.

The course is being offered by the Saint Louis University's John Cook School of Business, Center for Supply Chain Management, in cooperation with ADK Information Services, LLC.