Before the Dig

Construction Claims

October 9, 2023

Exponent Construction Consulting Manager Craig Steigerwalt writes that taking early steps to identify underground utilities before construction excavation can help avoid claims later. Published in the fall 2023 issue of Construction Claims, his article "Before the Dig" discusses the need to properly locate and mark underground utilities before excavation on any construction site.

The article covers the steps involved in requesting utility locations, the methods used to identify underground utilities, and best practices for digging around buried assets. With laws that define the requirements for identifying underground utility locations before excavation varying among states, understanding how to approach underground utility locations before excavation and what to do when a utility is struck to mitigate claims or litigation is essential to worker and public safety.

From the publication: "Ensuring the entire team, from supervisor to operator to laborer, knows and understands the process for digging around utilities is imperative."