Dr. James Bus to Receive the 2018 Outstanding Leadership Award from the International Dose-Response Society

January 25, 2018

Dr. James Bus, Senior Managing Scientist in Exponent's Health Sciences practice, has been selected to receive the 2018 Outstanding Leadership Award from the International Dose-Response Society. The award is granted for "excellence for outstanding work in the field of low dose-response."

Created in 2005, the International Dose-Response Society is dedicated to the study of dose-response in the low dose zone. Given the advancements being made in the field of low dose these awards will be signposts for its increasing importance." The Award will be presented at the 17th International Conference of the Society on April 17-18 in Amherst, MA.

Dr. Bus has over 35 years of toxicology experience focused on research and evidence-based literature analyses informing potential health risks associated with chemical and pesticide exposures. He offers chemical specific and strategic toxicology expertise addressing development, stewardship, and regulatory needs to individual industry clients and business consortia and government and non-governmental agencies. His expertise includes target-organ and endpoint-specific modes of action, and specific toxicity of chemicals including chlorinated organics, ethylene glycol and glycol ethers, aromatic derivatives benzene, styrene, aniline and others, and pesticides such as 2,4-D.