Dr. Julia K. Diebol Elected President of Society for Chemical Hazard Communication

January 4, 2020

Dr. Julia K. Diebol, Ph.D., CSP, C.P.S.M., senior scientist at Exponent, was recently elected as President of the Society for Chemical Hazard Communication (SCHC). SCHC is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving chemical hazard communication professionals and to promoting knowledge and awareness in all areas of chemical hazard communication.

Dr. Diebol's role as President will be well-served by her areas of expertise, which include product and occupational safety, risk communication, chemical hazard communication, and human factors. She uses this expertise to evaluate the role of warnings, instructions, risk communications, policies and procedures, standards, and regulations in safety and environmental health behaviors. Her expertise has been applied to communications in a broad range of occupational, consumer, and community settings.