Forensic Aspects of Driver Perception and Response, Fourth Edition

Forensic Aspects of Driver Perception and Response

June 26, 2015

Exponent consultants Dr. David Krauss, Dr. Abtine Tavassoli, Dr. David Cades, and co-authors recently published "Forensic Aspects of Driver Perception and Response, Fourth Edition."

This brand new fourth edition contains invaluable new information you need to know about driver perception and response and related human factors and design issues. Specifically, this text contains the most current information available in the area of driver perception and perception-response time.

All existing chapters have been expanded, providing in-depth coverage of areas such as light reflecting surfaces, visibility enhancing materials, driver age, gender and experience, fatigue, reaction time, speed perception and vehicle size, vehicle lighting and marking, glare, roadway design and the driver, work zones, railroad grade crossings, roadway signage, weather and driving, and driver distraction. Additionally, a new chapter has been added covering the proliferation of in-vehicle technology and its relationship to the driver.

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