Lithium-Ion Battery Failure in Consumer Electronics

ArTech House

June 20, 2019

Ashish Arora, principal engineer at Exponent, Sneha Lele, engineer at Exponent, Noshirwan Medora, senior managing engineer at Exponent, and Shukri Souri, corporate vice president & practice director at Exponent, published their new book, Lithium-Ion Battery Failures in Consumer Electronics.

This comprehensive resource caters to system designers that are looking to incorporate lithium ion (li-ion) batteries in their applications. Detailed discussion of the various system considerations that must be addressed at the design stage to reduce the risk of failures in the field is presented. The book includes technical details of all state-of-the-art Li-on energy storage subsystems and their requirements and provides a system designer a single resource detailing all of the common issues navigated when using Li-ion batteries to reduce the risk of field failures.

The book details the various industry standards that are applicable to the subsystems of Li-ion energy storage systems and how the requirements of these standards may impact the design of their system. Checklists are included to help readers evaluate their own battery system designs and identify gaps in the designs that increase the risk of field failures. The book is packed with numerous examples of issues that have caused field failures and how a proper design/assembly process could have reduced the risk of these failures.

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