What's on the Horizon for Hydrogen?

Applications in Energy and Combustion Science

Hydrogen tank and fuel pump

June 13, 2024

Hydrogen has the potential to become a popular low- or zero-carbon fuel of the future. The article "Industry R&D Needs in Hydrogen Safety" by Exponent's Harri Kytömaa, Achim Wechsung, Georgios Dimitrakopoulos, Neil Cook, Daniel Jaimes, In Young Hur, and Sahand Faraji explores the unique properties of hydrogen and its role in the future of energy.

In their article, the authors highlight the need for research and development in hydrogen safety due to its distinct physicochemical and combustion properties, which stand out among typical fuels. The paper covers various aspects of the hydrogen space, including production technologies, transportation, storage, and consumption, emphasizing the importance of safety, environmental, regulatory, and economic factors.

The article further delves into the challenges and opportunities presented by hydrogen related to its transportation, infrastructure requirements, and high potential to impact society and industry, particularly natural gas and electric utilities, transportation, and other high-emissions producers.

Green Hydrogen renewable energy production pipeline
Applications in Energy and Combustion Science

"Industry R&D Needs in Hydrogen Safety"

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From the publication: "Demand for hydrogen is anticipated to continue to grow over the next decade. In its most ambitious scenario, International Energy Agency (IEA) projects demand to grow 6% annually to more than 150 Mt by 2030, 40% of which is associated with non-traditional users including synfuels, power, and transport."