Motion Capture Studio

Motion Capture Studio Shoot Walking

Leverage state-of-the-art motion analysis

Exponent's optical motion capture studio uses sophisticated camera systems and software to accurately track everything from the mechanics of a basketball throw to position-referencing systems for robots to the location of VR users in the real world.

Elevate product design with Exponent's unique motion tracking

Exponent's optical motion capture studio combines commercial, off-the-shelf tools with camera rigs and customized features to give clients dependable motion tracking data. Whether you're conducting studies on gait analysis under stress or pinpointing the precise position of robotic machines in manufacturing settings, our system's state-of-the-art tracking functionality combined with Exponent's multidisciplinary expertise provide breakthrough product insights.

Our studio is built on infrared camera hardware and software from OptiTrack and includes OptiTrack Prime 17W cameras with a maximum capture rate of 360 Hz and a dedicated server processor for near-real-time rigid body and skeletal tracking in three-dimensional space. Exponent's bespoke, application-specific data parsing and post-processing software allow for processing of vast quantities of data and comprehensive motion measurements.

The OptiTrack system has been shown to reliably track objects within the capture volume to within <1 cm accuracy. In its fixed-facility implementation, the studio is located at Exponent's Test and Engineering studio in a high-bay area with darkened walls and curtains for enhanced infrared target visibility. Its portability also allows us to accommodate a temporary on-site installation for your specific tracking applications.


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