Navigating Lifetime Predictions & Accelerated Testing for Lithium-Ion Battery Cells

The case for chemical kinetics in predicting lifetime battery performance

October 14, 2021

Join Exponent and learn how chemical kinetics can help predict battery lifetime battery performance

Medical device manufacturing is highly regulated, and supply chains are becoming increasingly diversified and outsourced, particularly for embedded electronics that employ lithium-ion batteries. However, for consumer electronics and other portable and battery-powered products, regulation is slightly more relaxed.

Since battery cells rely on chemical and electrochemical reactions to operate, chemical kinetics provides more validity surrounding performance lifetime uniformly than does traditional HALT/HAST approaches. In this webinar, "Navigating Lifetime Predictions & Accelerated Testing for Lithium-ion Battery Cells," scientists with Exponent examine key lessons regarding accelerated aging and using chemical kinetics for predicting battery lifetime for vendor qualification and device shelf-life validation.

What you'll learn:

  • Regulatory considerations for determining battery performance lifetime uniformity
  • Advantages of using chemical kinetics for predicting accelerated battery aging

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