Academic Credentials
  • Ph.D., Biology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2024
  • B.S., Environmental Chemistry and Biology, State University of New York, 2018
Professional Honors
  • National Science Foundation, Graduate Research Fellow, 2019-2022

Dr. Pitt is an ecotoxicologist with over five years of experience in understanding the accumulation patterns and effects of anthropogenic stressors on organisms. Classically trained in environmental chemistry and biological oceanography, she has experience placing anthropogenic stressors into the greater environmental context. She is experienced in environmental toxicology, fish behavior and physiology, and methods of chemical identification and analysis. 

Dr. Pitt has experience relating microplastic exposure and distribution data from field and laboratory exposures to the potential bioaccumulation of these particulates. As part of this work, Dr. Pitt is experienced with spectral analysis from a variety of different instruments including, Raman spectroscopy and Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectroscopy. She has also applied statistical techniques to these data using R statistical software and Python programming language. As the basis for this work, she has evaluated existing literature to understand how food web dynamics influence the movement of microplastics. 

Through her doctoral work, Dr. Pitt has experience in evaluating a wide range of toxicological endpoints following contaminant exposure. She has experience linking molecular changes to physiological endpoints in organisms. This experience allows for a mechanism-based understanding of organismal impacts from a wide range of anthropogenic stressors.