Ed Myers
Edward B. Myers, Ph.D.
Senior Scientist
Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Los Angeles

Dr. Myers is a Ph.D. physicist with nearly two decades of experience in sensors, electronics, and systems. He has expertise in technologies such as magnetic hard drives, nano/micromechanical systems (NEMS/MEMS), and chemical & biological sensor systems. Dr. Myers has co-founded a startup using NEMS resonator-based mass detectors for ultrasensitive and portable chemical analysis, and he has developed techniques for high density magnetic data storage that find themselves in current advanced electronic memory products.

Dr. Myers has experience with a range of scientific technologies and techniques, including the following: gas chromatography (GC) techniques for chemical identification and analysis (GC-FID, GC-TFC, GCxGC); mechanical and thermal properties of organic polymers; micro & nanofabrication techniques (photolithography & electron-beam lithography, thin film deposition, plasma etching); and cryogenic & vacuum systems.

Prior to joining Exponent, Dr. Myers worked at Western Digital as a R&D scientist on advanced magnetic hard drive recording technologies. He has also worked at the California Institute of Technology as a senior scientist; there he led a DARPA-funded effort to develop miniaturized gas analyzers using (NEMS) resonators, for real-time chemical warfare agent detection. In his Ph.D. work at Cornell University, Dr. Myers performed the first systematic study of nanoscale magnetic bit reversal by a spin-polarized current, which enables new kinds of high-speed and high-density computer memories.


  • Ph.D., Physics, Cornell University, 2002
  • M.S., Physics, Cornell University, 1999
  • B.A., Physics, Oberlin College, 1996,

    (high honors)


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US Patent 9,016,125: NEMS comprising AlSi alloy based transducer, April 2015 (Andreucci P, Duraffourg L, Marcoux C, Brianceau P, Hentz S, Minoret S, Myers EB, Roukes ML).

US Patent 8,820,140: System for analyzing a gas mixture including at least one chromatography column, September 2014 (Puget P, Myers EB, Roukes ML)

US Patent 7,555,938: Thermoelastic self-actuation in piezoresistive resonators, July 2009 (Bargatin I, Arlett JL, Roukes ML, Kozinsky I, Aldridge JS, Myers EB).

US Patent 7,552,645: Detection of resonator motion using piezoresistive signal downmixing, June 2009 (Bargatin I, Myers EB, Li M, Arlett JL, Gudlewski B, Roukes ML, Young DK, Tang HX).

Prior Experience

R&D Engineer, Western Digital, 2014-2016

Senior Scientist, California Institute of Technology, 2005-2014

Postdoctoral Scholar, California Institute of Technology, 2002-2005

Project Experience

Tested and analyzed failures of lithium ion cells for computer and electronics manufacturers.

Performed failure analysis of printed circuit boards that had experienced significant fire incidents in the field.

Executed statistical data analysis for a liability case involving a blood glucose monitor.

Tested thermal extreme response of unreleased wearable electronics, as part of overall risk analysis of new hardware.

Designed and performed load testing of an industrial magnetic door lock in an injury case.

Performed inspections and failure analysis of marine electrical systems.

Additional Information

Peer Reviewer

Europhysical Journal

Nano Letters


  • Ph.D., Physics, Cornell University, 2002
  • M.S., Physics, Cornell University, 1999
  • B.A., Physics, Oberlin College, 1996,

    (high honors)