Accident Investigations

Wind Turbine Investigation Engineers

Rapid assessment of accidents

Accidents in applications involving battery and energy storage, wind turbines, semiconductors, data centers, utility equipment, or rapid transit systems can harm human health, including shock or electrocution, or cause environmental damage. Exponent deploys scalable response teams of certified and licensed engineers to accident sites of every nature, size, and scope — including commercial buildings, industrial job sites, residential fires, and explosion sites.

Timely accident investigations, damage assessments, and code and standard reviews.

Accidents involving electricity, computerized systems, batteries, and other energy storage solutions require rapid response and experienced expertise to provide the assessment you need to make critical next-step decisions. Exponent's multidisciplinary teams deploy to accident sites delivering versatile capabilities and valuable insights. Our experts conduct investigations worldwide in residential, commercial, industrial, and military applications to provide damage assessments, discover root causes, and evaluate relevant code and standard reviews. Our process includes collecting evidence in compliance with consensus-based standards.


Our global and comprehensive expertise across industries gives us a deep understanding of current challenges, best industry practices, and the implications of emerging technologies.