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Exponent UX for Facilities

A broad range of state-of-the art testing and laboratory capabilities, featuring configurable spaces.

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Exponent Centers for Scientific User Research

We're known for our ability to test human performance in real-world settings and naturalistic environments. But sometimes nothing beats a lab.

Our industry-leading Centers for Scientific User Research (CSUR) arm our Ph.D.-level scientists with an unparalleled array of advanced UX research methods and capabilities.

Whether you're designing consumer electronics, medical devices, automotive products, or virtually any other kind of product, process, or system, we can accommodate your research needs. Our CSUR facilities feature a broad range of configurable spaces, from traditional A/B testing and focus group rooms to specialized research labs, enabling us to collect and analyze data across a wide range of test subjects and testing methodologies. Their locations provide ample opportunities to recruit representative participants.

"We can open a window into the minds of users that others only dream of."

— Robert Rauschenberger, Ph.D.,
Human Factors, Principal Scientist


Exponent CSUR labs incorporate the latest in user experience data collection and analysis