Celebrating the Fifteenth Anniversary of Exponent in Asia

February 10, 2020

Since 2005, when Exponent established its first office in China, our staff have provided clients with on-the-ground testing and analysis services for manufacturing operations in the Asia-Pacific region.

Today, Exponent employs forty technical staff across offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Singapore, where we work as a single integrated team, providing engineering and scientific consulting services to solve complex engineering and regulatory issues. Our services cover intellectual property, product liability, construction and infrastructure, oil and gas, as well as specialized engineering failure analysis investigation for various consumer industries.

Our wealth of experience of Asian culture, combined with a real-world understanding of the international context in which many companies now operate, enables us to provide end-to-end support for both global and local clients. This includes major multinational corporations, small and medium-sized enterprises, insurance institutions, law firms, manufacturers and contractors, as well as government and regulatory bodies that operate in East and Southeast Asia.

Our technical staff often support clients in the event of product incidents or production problems, helping clients promptly resolve any technical problems or operational issues on the manufacturing floor or construction sites. Unlike ordinary analytical laboratories, Exponent's team takes a multi-disciplinary, fundamental science approach to uncover the true root cause of an issue, which can help companies reduce operational cost and risk in the long run.

Our experts are also engaged in litigation and alternative dispute resolution matters as both consulting and subject-matter experts, including intellectual property, supporting Asian companies in International Trade Commission courts or American jurisdictions, and international arbitration in the construction industry, identifying the correct approach or methodology for quantifying physical damages and preparing and analyzing cost overruns and schedule delays. Exponent's in-house domain experts in specific areas (from semiconductors, telecommunications, and biomedical engineering to toxicology, power plants, wind farms, dams, and infrastructure) along with our local support staff form project-customized teams that can identify the optimal technical strategy for the problem at hand.

During the current pandemic, Exponent's Asia team continues to support the high-impact and high-visibility needs of Fortune 500 and international companies while actively helping our clients recover operations as workers return. Our professionals work to ensure client supplier quality teams maintain quality and yield on the manufacturing line during current travel restrictions, support failure analyses of large raw material and construction force majeure claims, validate facemask performance at the source, and perform tests to help diversify supply chains and screen raw materials as companies resume operations. Our multi-disciplinary team, comprising data and computer scientists, polymer scientists, and corrosion engineers, has also developed analytical software and visualization platforms to help our U.S.- and EU-based clients monitor and track the quality of products remotely.

If you would like to learn more about how Exponent's Asia-based technical staff can help manage your product manufacturing operations in China or Southeast Asia, establish deeper relationships with your OEM or raw material suppliers, or support international arbitration projects, please contact any of our staff listed below.