Exponent Scientists at the Forefront of the Science Related to Developmental Toxicity

November 7, 2017

Several Exponent scientists currently play instrumental roles in the Teratology Society, a scientific organization dedicated to the understanding and prevention of birth defects and disorders of developmental and reproductive origin.

In addition to exhibiting and presenting at the 57th Annual Teratology Meeting, Dr. John De Sesso and Dr. Nelson Pace received awards for their work and contribution to the Society. Additionally, Dr. DeSesso, Dr. Pace, and Dr. Williams also presented at the meeting.

Dr. DeSesso was awarded the 2017 Edward W. Carney Distinguished Service Award at the 2017 Teratology Society meeting in Denver, Colorado, for his exemplary dedication and service to the Society. He currently leads the Teratology Society's Science Committee, which works to develop and implement an overarching science strategy for the Society and is also a Past President of the Teratology Society.

Dr. DeSesso receives his award.

Dr. Nelson Pace was awarded the 2017 Marie W. Taubeneck Award at the 2017 Teratology Society meeting for trainee involvement and leadership within the Teratology Society. He spoke at the annual meeting on Perinatal Mortality in the Context of Spina Bifida and presented posters on Survival of Infants with Spina Bifida and the Role of Maternal Pre-pregnancy Body Mass Index and on First-Year Survival of Infants with Congenital Heart Defects and the Influence of Socioeconomic and Demographic Factors. Dr. Pace is currently a member of the Program Committee, which develops the annual meeting's scientific program, and participated in the Teratology Society's 2017 Strategic Planning meeting.

Dr. Amy Lavin Williams is the current Vice-Chair of the Education Committee, which develops continuing education opportunities for members of the Society. She also participated in the Teratology Society's 2017 Strategic Planning meeting in April 2017. At the 2017 Teratology Society meeting, Dr. Williams presented a poster co-authored with Dr. DeSesso on the Ontogeny of the Central Nervous System across Species.

Because of our extensive involvement in the Teratology Society, the premier source for research and information related to birth defects and developmental disorders, Exponent scientists are well positioned at the forefront of the field to assist their clients on issues related to developmental and reproductive toxicology.