Food and Nutrition Science Support

Intake & Dietary Risk/Safety Assessments (Dietary Exposure and Human Health Risk Assessments)

Understand the potential health benefits of your food products or stay current on emerging nutrition science

Exponent provides experienced food science and nutrition consulting support for established food, ingredient, and beverage manufacturing companies, as well as start-ups, trade associations, and government clients.

How can Exponent's rigorous food and nutrition science expertise help you shape nutritional guidelines and support product innovation?

Our highly qualified experts offer in-depth food and nutrition science support that empowers clients to make more informed regulatory and food product development decisions based on empirical evidence. We help identify and substantiate the benefits of food products with science-backed research, literature reviews, and design of custom surveys, as well as consult on critical reviews of the literature to support nutritional guidelines development.

Exponent's multidisciplinary food and nutrition science support team executes a wide range of projects to support clients in the food industry. Examples of our work include modeling studies to assess the impact of potential scenarios on dietary intake of nutrients of concern; literature reviews to help clients keep abreast of the science on functional ingredients or to support preparations for dietary guidelines; and the design of custom surveys to understand consumption patterns and inform dietary exposure assessments.

Exponent offers the following food and nutrition science analysis services:

Analysis of survey data

Nationwide surveys such as the U.S. CDC's National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), the European Food Safety Authority's (EFSA) Comprehensive Food Consumption survey, or the U.K. National Diet and Nutrition Surveys provide a wealth of information about food consumption patterns in the U.S., the EU, and the U.K. However, proper analysis of the data from these surveys and surveys from other countries requires the use of specialized methods to adjust for the complex sample designs. Exponent has the tools and experience to help you make sense of these data, and we routinely use these data in nutrition and contaminant risk assessments designed for regulatory submissions, market research, product development, crisis management decision making, and litigation support.

Food consumption and consumer "behavior" surveys

We design and conduct surveys to collect information on food consumption habits and consumer practice. For example, Exponent has teamed up with a market research company to design and conduct a survey to collect data on water consumption patterns in the U.S. and has designed and conducted an Internet-based survey to collect information on the typical consumption pattern of seasonal foods. These surveys can be designed for several purposes, including providing risk assessors with refined data to estimate exposures and to provide serving-size data for nutrition labeling.

Market basket surveys

Our consultants design and conduct rigorous and nationally or regionally representative surveys to collect samples of finished products, such as fresh fruits and vegetables and processed commodities (e.g., milk, juices, potato chips) from supermarkets, and prepared foods from fast-food restaurants across different countries. These samples are then used to perform various analyses from nutritional to contaminant analysis, and more.

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