Advanced Failure Analysis of Lithium-Ion Batteries 

How do you pinpoint the root cause of complex failures?

May 13, 2021
An abstract photo of battery energy. Exponent conducts research and provides strategic engineering support for battery and energy storage.

Join Exponent as we unravel complex failures across diverse products and battery formats 

Failure of lithium-ion batteries can lead to a range of consequences, from failure to meet performance expectations to exposure of toxic electrolyte liquids or vapors to dangerous release of heat, toxic gases, or fire in the case of a so-called "thermal runaway event." Root-cause failure analysis of lithium-ion batteries provides important feedback for cell design, manufacturing, and use to help prevent such failures.

What you'll learn:

  • Exponent's outside-in methodology from exterior electronics to interior cell chemistry 
  • Essential analytical techniques used to pinpoint the root cause 
  • Challenges and adapted methodologies for larger form factors and higher energy densities

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