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Exponent Presents at the Annual Automotive Warranty Management Summit in Barcelona

June 7 - 8, 2023
Person charging an electric car. Exponent's research, testing and safety evaluations improve automotive innovations.

How can the automotive warranty industry manage liability risks and improve warranty forecasting in a rapidly evolving industry? To address these pressing issues and more, automotive industry thought leaders and executives will convene at this year's Annual Automotive Warranty Management Summit in Barcelona, hosted by the European Networking Group (ENG).

Connect with Thermal Sciences Principal Engineer David Anderson, Ph.D., P.E., CFEI, CVFI, presenting on Exponent's automotive consulting services and how to leverage our automotive testing capabilities to reduce risks and drive innovation.

Electric cars plugged into EV charging stations. Exponent engineers and researchers lead the way in

"Science That Shapes Vehicle Technologies: Navigating the Future of Warranty Management"


Speaker: David Anderson, Ph.D., P.E., CFEI, CVFI

Dr. Anderson will present on Exponent's wide-ranging engineering and scientific support for automotive clients, including electric vehicle lifecycle evaluation, battery cell aging and battery failures, warranty projections, connected vehicles, autonomous vehicle and advanced driver assistance systems testing, and more. Our multidisciplinary expertise supports all stages of the automotive product lifecycle, empowering manufacturers with data-backed insights to push boundaries and propel innovation. With robust testing capabilities, including our 147-acre Test and Engineering Center in Phoenix, Arizona, featuring a full-scale crash testing facility and large-format electric vehicle battery testing capabilities, Exponent is the premium engineering and scientific consulting firm for the automotive industry.

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"By harnessing emerging technologies focused on evolving EV battery pack safety, stakeholders can not only advance consumer safety goals but help ensure compliance with critical, fast-evolving regulatory oversight." Read more.


As part of ENG's Auto Week, the 11th Annual Automotive Warranty Management Summit unites leading automotive executives and more than 50 thought leaders to discuss leading-edge automotive warranty insights and technology developments revolutionizing the industry.

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