Understanding Legal Challenges Related to Batteries

Exponent Hosts Complimentary Webinar on Technical & Legal Considerations for Batteries

Lithium-Ion Battery Manufacturing


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This webinar will help you understand critical technical aspects of legal issues related to all types of batteries — from button and coin cells to large-format electric vehicle batteries and grid-scale systems. We will also discuss hot topics such as intellectual property, right-to-repair legislation, and considerations for end-of-life/recycling of batteries.

Key Topics

  • Batteries 101: a background on the process and characteristics of lithium-ion battery chemistry, unique properties, and design
  • Intellectual property: from design and engineering to emerging cell chemistries
  • EV batteries: understand unique risks pertaining to control and management systems
  • Timely topics: from safety considerations and thermal runaway, to right to repair, to end-of-life/recycling

*Exponent is accredited as a Multiple Activity Provider in California. Please check with your local jurisdiction for MCLE credit approval.

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