Senior Managing Engineer, Buildings & Structures

Morgan Griffith

Morgan Spotlight

I started at Exponent as a summer intern when I was getting a graduate degree at UC Berkeley, and I loved it. I didn't even interview for another position. When I finished up at Berkeley, I came right back here, and it felt like coming back home.

Morgan Griffith, P.E.


Helping Secure Community Safety

We're in a changing environment where wildfires are becoming more destructive here in California, but also throughout the West. One of the exciting things about our work at Exponent is that we get to help our clients and our communities navigate or avoid potentially dangerous situations.

Utility asset management is about decision making when it comes to the construction, maintenance, and operation of a utility's assets and equipment. One of the keys to this is managing risk; understanding what risk the equipment poses to the public and to the community in various circumstances.

Exponent's work has impacted the community that I live in. In fact, here in California, we have wildfires. So, the work I'm doing is benefiting me, my family, and the people who live here.

My job is to analyze failures and to use my engineering background and my experience to figure out why a failure occurred. Then, I use that same understanding to help clients, hopefully, avoid failures in the first place.

I Work with Experts in Every Discipline

The complex problems our clients and the world are facing require input from many different disciplines. Exponent is unique in that we have individuals with deep expertise in almost every engineering or scientific discipline you can think of, and we tackle challenging and interesting problems every day. There are no two problems that are the same at Exponent. Something is always different; something is always new about the problem that we're tackling daily.

Exponent is, and always has been, multidisciplinary, with an unparalleled breadth of technical expertise under one roof.

Balance the Work You Love with the Life You Want

Flexibility is one of the best parts about working here. We work hard; we have work to get done and we have to make sure it gets done. But there is incredible flexibility in getting that work done.

So, for me, as a father of two kids who were born within four months of my coming here, I had the flexibility to be at home, take paternity leave, coach my kids' events, and get my work done, but on a schedule that worked for balancing my life and my family.

I get to do my job in a way that suits my own work-life balance, and that has given me tremendous flexibility to do other things that I love outside of work.

Solving Problems at the Highest Level

Every day is a new challenge. It can be a phone call from a client with a problem they never anticipated, or one that we've never analyzed. There's always something unique and challenging, and that's really what keeps us coming to work.

I love technical problem solving; it's at the heart of what we do at Exponent.

Exponent is a company that values technical problem solving at the highest level, and that makes every project fun, exciting, challenging — and always interesting. 


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