Academic Credentials
  • B.S., Zoology, Humboldt State University, 1991

Ms. Hunt has over 30 years of experience as a laboratory and a regulatory professional in industry, developing pesticides for the market. She focuses her federal and state pesticide product registration expertise in the consumer product market, using her years in the crop and turf/ornamental sector as the foundation. 

Ms. Hunt has successfully navigated several clients through the EPA's pet mitigation measures, and continues to expand her experience with EPA's Antimicrobial and Biopesticde Divisions.

She began her career conducting environmental fate laboratory studies in support of pesticide product registrations. Her career continued into state regulatory with product registrations and renewals, label revisions and other regulatory issues such as Stop Sales Notices, California Prop 65 and mill assessments to support agricultural, turf and ornamental, and on-animal pesticides in the states as well as Caribbean island countries. She has prepared for state submissions and obtained FIFRA Section 3, Section 2(ee) Product Bulletin, Section 18 Exemptions, and Section 24(c) Special Local Need product registrations as well as Section 3 new use Supplemental Labeling. 

Ms. Hunt expanded her career with federal product registrations, reregistration reviews, and maintenance of pesticide products in the animal health industry. She has supported animal health pesticide registrations with emphasis in the review and summary preparation of existing and new Child Resistant Packaging tests, Companion Animal (Target Animal) Safety studies, and Public Health Pest Efficacy studies. She has considerable pharmacovigilence expertise with FIFRA Section 6(a)(2) requirements, particularly adverse effects incidents reporting. She has processed and completed EPA annual reports; the EPA Maintenance Fees, and the Pesticide Producers Report forms (domestic and foreign). In addition, Ms. Hunt has been involved with reviews of marketplace labels for FIFRA compliance, and reviews of advertising and promotional materials aimed at consumers as well as professionals for FIFRA compliance.

More recently, she has experienced preparation and tracking of FIFRA regulatory package such as various PRIA actions, label and CSF amendments and notifications, and new pesticide product registrations for submissions to EPA's Registration Division, Biopesticide Division and the Antimicrobial Division within EPA's Office of Pesticide Programs. 

Ms. Hunt has become increasingly involved with FIFRA Sec. 25(b) products, fertilizer products, and USDA Import Permits as client demands for these services have grown.