Biopesticides & Biocontrol Agents

Health Canada’s Pest Control Products Act (PCPA) Extra 10x Safety Factor for Children - Case study

Implement earth-friendly, human-safe biocontrol agents

Crop protection products derived from active substances of biological origin (e.g., microorganisms, plant extracts, or biomolecules) are increasingly sought after by growers looking to complement or replace conventional chemical products as part of a holistic integrated crop management strategy, but achieving product registration comes with significant challenges. Exponent has the collective expertise to help our clients address these challenges, from tailored services to support registration of biocontrol agents to technical assistance for crop protection management.

Technical and regulatory support for biopesticide ingredient approval.

Although biocontrol agents are widely regarded as "safer" to humans and the environment, gaining approval to implement them presents a number of technical and regulatory challenges, not the least of which are characterizing the active substance, explaining its modes of action, and generating a relevant data package to support application for regulatory approval. Exponent's Chemical Regulation & Food Safety team has extensive experience gained as consultants and from previous working experience in the crop protection industry and alongside regulatory authorities and contract research organizations. Our vast experience has given us an excellent mix of skills and perspectives to deliver insights and services, including regulatory strategy, technical challenges, and dossier preparation.

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