Civil Engineering

To address the diversity of geo-related challenges faced by our clients, Exponent provides its clients with uniquely broad expertise in geotechnical engineering, geology and engineering geology. Exponent’s team addresses a host of geo-failures including landslides, foundation and retaining-wall failures, underground pipeline distress, floods, and earthwork construction claims. In the area of water resources, Exponent’s expertise includes the application of proven hydrologic, hydraulic, hydrodynamic, and sediment transport principles and practices. Our engineers and scientists have an exceptionally deep range of expertise in failure analyses that provides our clients with in-depth investigations of geo-failures, mitigation of their effects, and measures to prevent recurrence. We leverage this expertise in the evaluation of failures, to analyze systems and recommend measures to prevent failures, and through in-depth third-party reviews and risk assessments. Exponent also serves the design and construction industries by providing project consulting, risk analysis, claim evaluation, strategic planning, and dispute resolution services.

The main strength of our Civil Engineering practice is the experience and knowledge of our engineers and geologists. Our consultants have earned master’s- and doctorate-level degrees in various engineering fields, including geology, civil and environmental, geotechnical, ocean, and water resources. Our team includes registered professional civil engineers, professional geotechnical engineers, professional geologists, and certified engineering geologists. Additionally, our team has extensive publication records and speaks on various university campuses and at industry-focused events. We operate from offices throughout the United States and also serve international clients and locales.



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