Accident Investigation

accident_iStock_000083921893Accident investigation requires detailed engineering analysis combined with knowledge of investigation protocols and rapid response times.  Exponent excels in each of these categories through its team of highly experienced and versatile scientists and engineers.  When an accident occurs, Exponent can deploy a scalable number of professional engineers licensed throughout the U.S. and scientists to a site depending on the size and nature of the event.  The team has conducted investigations worldwide in residential, commercial, industrial, and military areas, and can provide extremely rapid response times.  We collect, secure, and preserve evidence without spoliation in compliance with established standards and conduct detailed analysis of evidence both on- and off-site.

Exponent conducts investigations into accidents related to batteries and energy storage, semiconductor materials and devices, and medical devices.  Our team also investigates larger scale accidents occurring from failures of power electronics, data centers, industrial buildings, and rapid transit systems.  We provide damage assessment along with root cause failure analysis, shock and electrocution assessment, and relevant code and standard review.



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